Emergency Response Container

You can take part in Search and Rescue Activities using the Conventional Equipments and Personal Protective Equipments in the Emergency Response Container in case of disasters such as Earthquake, Flood, Chemical Leak, Fire etc. You can support Urban Search and Rescue teams during Search and Rescue Activities in the acute period after the earthquake with the Generator and Hammer Drills in the Earthquake Container.

You can perform water evacuation operations after floods with the Motopump located in the Emergency Response Container.

You can remove debris in sensitive rescue activities with the Hand Tools in the Disaster Container.

You can respond to local Chemical Leaks and limit contamination with the Personal Protective Equipment in the Disaster Relief Container.

By using the Stretcher and First Aid Equipment in the Emergency and Disaster Response Container, you can stabilize the injured person under the supervision of the First Aider and carry him/her to the safe area.

There are two types of Search and Rescue Containers. 1st one is 10 feet ISO Steel Container which is durable for external impacts. 2nd one is insulated Sandwich Panel Container. Dimensions are 2.4*3*2,6m. (W*L*H)

2 people can accomodate in Emergency Response Container during Search and Rescue Activities. It has 3 Tier Material Storage Racks and Bunk Bed. Mini lighting and ventilation window may be added to the Sandwich Panel Container.

Container is sandblasted and painted in orange color (frame) with a surface quality that will resist rust for many years. Sandwich panels consist of galvanized white oven-painted insulated sheet metal panels. It is rainproof.