YERLI SCBA Confined Space Training System is designed to be a simple and affordable training structure for any fire department looking to add confined space training to their training programs. The Firefighter Maze is designed for repeated use so it will last for years.

The system is designed and manufactured from a 40-foot (12-meter) ISO steel shipping container. The system is 2.4 m wide and 12 m long. The internal training area is 29 m2 in total and can be customized.

Standard features of the SCBA Confidence Trainer include:

Standard Doors, Windows and Covers.
Dual Level Reconfigurable Maze Panels. Panels can be quickly reconfigured to change the interior layout (i.e. create rooms, corridors, etc.).
High Crawl and Low Crawl Panels, Ramps, Electric Circulation Supports, Manholes

Optional features of the system are:

Horizontal or Vertical Ventilation.
Rooftop and Roof Mounted Tanker Prop.
All of our systems are NFPA 1402 and OSHA Compliant and are fully customizable to meet your indoor and rope access training needs.